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Giving Poetry Wings - GPW is a (digital) art exhibition which showcases collaborative work between selected poets and digital/visual artists. This will be a result of hackathons hosted prior to the exhibition, with the aim of creating a space and opportunity for poets to have their work developed beyond paper/ spoken word, as well as for digital/visual artists to create new themed work inspired from literature. You definitely would not want to miss out on how fascinating and beautiful poetry can soar through the digital realm, when it’s given the wings and the opportunity to fly.

The first edition was hosted in 2018 during the National Art Festival in Makhanda (formerly known as Grahamstown) as part of the Creativate Digital Arts Festival. You will be able to download the digital magazine which features the work produced by the participants soon. Look out for the second edition of Giving Poetry Wings which will be hosted in 2019 (In March, we'll be hosting Digital Creativity meets Art in Bloemfontein).


The Radioactive Poetry cafe is our monthly poetry event which is held in Bloemfontein at 59 Plenty. This poetry show emulates the same structure in which we promote content on our blog, and aims to promote different forms of Poetry as well as local and national poets. Each event hosts a line up with 3 segments, featuring an "Open mic " line up, a "Featured poet" line up, and the "Guest poet" line up. The next event will be on the 18th of February 2019, and tickets can be bought from TK (0822677867).

The Radioactive Poetry Sessions is structured similarly to the Radioactive Poetry Cafe, however this an online show that we host on our page via Facebook Live. It also takes place once a year, but features a more diverse line up of poets and poems that are shared on the platform. Each show features a guest poet, who is also provided the opportunity to present a piece of their work. This online show is made possible through the  support of PAS Media Academy. You can watch/listen to our previous shows  here.


The Radioactive Poetry Workshops are coordinated by Thuthukani Ndlovu, and aim to develop the capacity of writers and performers, introduce interested people to Poetry, and also create a space for Poetry audiences to be in the company of poets while they create/ develop work. This also includes audience development.

We've hosted workshops during the Vrystaat Literature festival, & currently host workshops in Bloemfontein at the Adelaide Tambo Public Library. We've also hosted workshops in Lesotho (Mafeteng) in partnership with PISA & GIZ. If you would like to know more about the workshops, feel free to contact us via email : radioactivetuts@gmail.com 


Spoken Word of Elohim - #SWE started of as an anthology with it's main purpose being to provide a platform for Christian artists from different backgrounds to share their work on the same platform. This anthology can still be read online or downloaded for free, and there was also a version of the publication in braille. 

We then realised that we needed to create a more tangible platform that could accommodate more artistic disciplines, therefore we decided to start #SpokenWordofElohim. It is now a poetry show that accommodates Christian music, literature and performance theatre. The shows are hosted in Bloemfontein, South Africa, and aim  to create intimate spaces where Christian based art can be shared and received. 


In 2016, The Radioactive Blog embarked on a journey to publish a digital anthology each month, featuring different poets from around the world. This was the first key project that the blog implemented, and resulted in us publishing over 100 poets from different countries throughout the year. 10 Anthologies were published in 2016, however we still worked with other organisations/artists by collaborating with them (Eg. The Different Shades of a feminine mind and  Lost Lover anthology). The most downloaded anthology is "The Women" which is a compilation of poems contributed by women from different parts of the world. This book reached over 1000 downloads in 2016. All the digital books shown below can be read online or downloaded via the following link: https://issuu.com/radioactiveblog 

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