The Radioactive Blog is an innovative online creative hub that aims to promote dope creatives from different backgrounds. We do this through hosting events, workshops, our online platforms, and collaborating with other creatives and stakeholders that are willing and able to assist in playing a positive role in the development of the creative sector in Africa. Our main objective is "Driving innovation and creativity through artistic expression, technology and capacity development”. The team behind the blog are based in Bloemfontein, South Africa, so this is where we host most of our events and programs, however we also travel to different cities and countries to either participate or host some of the initiatives that we run. The blog has 4 active initiatives: Giving Poetry Wings ; The Radioactive Poetry Cafe ; The Radioactive Poetry Workshops ; and The Radioactive Collective.




The blog was initially founded by Thuthukani Ndlovu (TK) in 2016, with our first major initiative, which was a monthly digital poetry anthology publication. This saw the blog publish over 100 poets from around the world in 11 free different digital anthologies by the end of the year 2016. The objective of this project was to create a platform for poets to submit themed work, which would then be published and promoted, and made easily accessible to an international audience. In 2017, the blog focused more on promoting creatives from different industries such as fashion and visual art. In 2018, we then revamped the blog with a new website and new logo. The direction of the blog then broadened to promoting different creatives in the creative industry, as opposed to only promoting poets and Hip hop artists. Creatives can include digital artists, dancers, festivals, etc and this allows the blog to keep you up to date with some of the amazing content/ work that people are creating around the world, but most importantly on the African continent. We acknowledge the reality that we cannot promote every single creative / event / industry, hence why we focus on who's dope and what we consider as dope will always be subjective. On this note, we are not too concerned about whether the creative/ creatives are popular, or armateurs, as long as what they do is dope, then will definitely promote their content and the work they do.

Our Vision

"We aim to be one of SADC’s leading innovative and creative hubs."

Our Mission

"We are dedicated to developing and promoting the African creative sector

in order to assist creatives in reaching their potential." 

Our Values

"Excellence; Synergy; Innovation & Creativity; Respect; Capacity Development."

Why are we D.O.P.E?

"We Develop creatives, we Organize events and workshops for creatives,

we Promote creatives, and we EntertainEducate the youth." 

If you are a creative, and you know/think you're dope / you have a dope event/ program that you would like us to write about or attend, do feel free to send us an email/ press release to:




Thuthukani Ndlovu (popularly known as TK) is the founder, creative director and blogger behind The Radioactive Blog. He is a Zimbabwean author, spoken word artist, digital artist, XR fanatic, art curator, qualified marketing strategist currently studying Video and Film Production at PAS Media Academy (Bloemfontein, South Africa), and also works as the Vrystaat Arts Festival as a Literature Festival assistant coordinator. 

A passion for Marketing, poetry, digital art, capacity development and social activism, is quite evident in his busy and proactive  day to day schedule. In terms of performing his work, he has performed in Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Zambia, Malawi & South Africa, and hosts a variety of workshops/ capacity development workshops (eg. Poetry or Augmented Reality workshops). He became part of The Festival Academy Alumni after being selected to participate in their Atelier for Young Festival Managers in Johannesburg and Gothenburg in 2018. You can find him online @2tukani [BehanceTwitter & Instagram


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